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My Skills

I will guide you and teach you to be fabulously beautiful ladies!
I will create the atmosphere of your dreams! If necessary, a whole team will help.
I have my own, different way of shooting and I am not like other photographers.
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Experience+Quality Software=Amazing Photos!
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My Features

Individual Approach
Warm and sincere attitude. Professional approach to every detail.
Competitive Price
Designed to captivate you with their precision, honesty and detail.
High Quality
Quality is most important to me!
Before him is only the personal relationship.
Amazing Design
Designed to captivate you with their precision and sophistication (albums, framed photos, etc.).
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Our Pricing

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Frequently Asking Questions

Is boudoir photography for me?
Well, that depends on you! We firmly believe that boudoir photography is for all women who are ready to take the brave step towards having such an empowering and confidence boosting experience. It is not your shape, size or age that matters, it is your readiness. So. . . are YOU ready?
Where will the session take place?
The session will take place within the privacy of our studio located in Sofia, BG. If you are interested in having your session take place at another location, please contact us directly to discuss this option.
I don’t know how to pose!
During the session you will be expertly guided and coached through a beautiful combination of poses and movements. Poses that are flattering to your body type and movements that express the essence of your inner femininity. This will require focus and concentration, and will even be a bit of a workout as well. We’re not kidding when we say that you’ll probably be sore the next day! Your photographer will seem more like a personal trainer and therapist as he or she directs you through a variety of poses and helps to draw out the emotions that truly make you beautiful.
May I bring a friend along?
You can have a friend be with you during your makeover and at your image-reveal appointment, but we do not allow any guests to be present during the actual portrait session. This time is all about you and we don’t want there to be any distractions. Having someone there who already knows you and has a specific perception of you actually ends up hindering the process. If you want to have someone present during your session, we recommend that you add on our concierge service.
What is included in my session and how much does it cost?
Our session starts from BGN 550. and includes professional hair and makeup styling, a 1-hour photography session and access to our online resources to help you prepare for your session. There is no specific number of outfits we require, on average 2-3 outfits, but this is all discussed with the photographer based on your vision for the end result.
Will you use my images on your website?
Your privacy is our priority. We do not post images online without written permission from our clients. If you’d like us to post your images on our website or blog, we would be thrilled to do it but you will have to sign a release form giving us your written permission to do so.
Do you photoshop?
Yes I do. After the session we select the best images for you to view and perform artistic enhancements and subtle retouches to those images. My goal is to present the best YOU without making you look like someone else. Additional photoshop requests can be discussed at your photo-shop appointment (additional charges may apply).
Can I do my own hair & make up?
I include professional hair and makeup styling in the session fee package so you don’t need to do your own hair or makeup. The reason for this is that our stylists know exactly how to bring out your best features specifically for the camera. They factor in your desired look, all while considering how the studio lighting will affect the end result. I trust our team to make you look your best! And besides that, it adds to the entire experience for you to relax in that makeup chair and allow yourself to be pampered. We don’t want you to miss out on that critical aspect of your self-appreciation experience with us!
I’m not comfortable in lingerie, do I have to get naked?
There are no restrictions and no clothing requirements! Many of my customers have never worn underwear before and choose that as their reason to buy! However, I also have clients who don't wear underwear at all for their session. There are many other options: a combination of a dress, a sweater and a bikini, a men's t-shirt with a bra and a bikini set, etc.
And while you can certainly request nude photos, I NEVER require anyone to be naked!
What products do you offer?
We offer a variety of gorgeous product options, including our most popular deluxe album set, as well as large format wall art, digital images and more! On average, our clients invest in themselves around BGN 1,200-3,000 for their products, with a requirement for a minimum expenditure of BGN 500.
I'm not sure I can prepay for everything I want to get, is there a payment plan available?
Yes! We know this investment can be a lot for some ladies, but the experience and products are worth every penny!
That's why we offer several payment plan options, including an option to ``prepay`` a portion of the amount and help you get a loan to pay off the rest of your debt!
If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, give us a call to discuss payment plans and options.
Do people ever book a session as a gift to themselves?
Absolutely! Many of our clients do a session as gift to themselves.
Can I reschedule my session?
You can reschedule the session once without charge. We fully understand that sometimes things are out of your control and you need to change the date of your session. As we reserve this time just for you, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance and if you need to reschedule more than once, you will be charged a fee of BGN 100.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the personalized nature of boudoir photography, ALL fees and payments for any sessions, services and products are non-refundable.
However, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of your images. In such a situation, you do not need to purchase products and I will refund your session fee. I want my clients to be happy with their images!
When can I book my session?
Right now! Call or email me anytime to book your session!